Scientific Program

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Invited lectures

IL(E)1「New sedation and delirium recommendations from the 2018 Society of Critical Care Medicine

PADIS Guidelines」Dale M. Needham(USA)

IL(E)2「New strategy for the lung protection」Marcelo Britto Passos Amato(Brazil)

IL(E)3「Electrical impedance tomography: The past, the present and the future」

Inéz Frerichs (Germany)

IL(E)4-1「Update from TSCCM: Common renal problems in ICU」

Srisawat Nattachai(TSCCM/Thailand)

IL(E)4-2「Update from TSCCM: Vasopressors in sepsis」Chairat Permpikul(TSCCM/Thailand)

IL(E)5「Tranexamic acid in life threatening bleeding」Ian Roberts(UK)

IL(E)6「Moral distress: I know what to do but I can’t!!!」Daniel Garros(Canada)

IL(E)7「The 50th anniversary of ARDS: What has been changed?」Massimo Antonelli(Italy)

IL(E)8「Acute glycemic control in patients with diabetes」Adam Deane(Australia)

IL(E)9「Pain management in critical care; why, whom, and how? -The role of CPOT 」

Céline Gélinas(Canada)

IL(E)10「A multidisciplinary rehabilitation approach to facilitating early engagement and mobilization

in the ICUs at Stanford Medical Center」

Shohei Takatani(USA)

IL(E)11「Neurocritical care 2019: Recent advances and future frontiers」Stephan A. Mayer(USA)

IL(E)12「Sepsis: New insights into pathophysiology and a sneak preview to future therapy」

Thomas van der Poll(Netherlands)

IL(E)13「How to detect organ damage by biomarkers」Richard Michael Nowak(USA)

IL(E)14「The update of infection in critical care」Jeffrey Lipman(Australia)

IL(E)15「Severe viral pneumonia: Significant?」Yonsuck Koh(Korea)

IL(E)16「Pick your syndrome: PICS or PIICS」Heatherlee Bailey(SCCM President /USA)

IL(E)17「Volume management in ICU patients」Sung Jin Hong(KSCCM President/Korea)

IL(E)18「End-of-life care, decision making and application of palliative care」Jozef Kesecioglu

(ESICM President /Netherlands)

IL(E)20「Congestion in acute heart failure」Alexandra Mebazaa(France)

IL(E)21「The challenge of medical artificial intelligence」Leo Anthony Celi(USA)

Meet the Experts

ME1「Noninvasive ventilation in hypoxemic acute respiratory failure」Massimo Antonelli(Italy)

ME2「Non-pharmacological management of delirium in the ICU: Understanding the latest evidence」

Dale M. Needham(USA)

ME3「The coagulation system in sepsis and the application of anticoagulant therapy」

Thomas van der Poll(Netherlands), etc.

ME4「JUST KEEP BREATHING: a film about Moral distress in ICU professionals」

Daniel Garros(Canada)

The 3rd JSICM/TSCCM Joint Congress

Symposium 1 Ethics and end of life

Symposium 2 ECMO training

Symposium 3 Mechanical ventilation

Symposium 4 Perioperative critical care

English Sessions


<Presidential Program> Lunchtime Seminar

PLS1「An update of the subleties of infection management in the ICU」Jeffrey Lipman(Australia)
PLS2「What to consider when to set a mechanical ventilation」Younsuck Koh(Korea)

Luncheon seminars